Key Professionals

Key Professionals


Founder is highly qualified in printing technology, who has 25 years experience has built the company with sheer hard work in the relevant fields. A leader with pleasant smile and dynamic personality with human touch. He is directing the company since its inception, way back in the year 1992. Grown the company from the level of coral ads in the first 10 years and later through self sustained efforts developed coral print pack pvt ltd at IDA uppal and reached the present stage at IDA Cherlapally. A gentleman with natural ability for building new business, and forging loyalty with clients, vendors etc…conducts client relationship in a subtle way. A born business strategic planner and has proven ability to develop and strengthen management teams.

Ms. ANURADHA - Directior

A manager by exception with Bsc in computers qualification. As a co- founder has steered to bridge the gaps between the intellectual and practical approaches to the development of the company. Truly gifted in overseeing the functioning of the company both on emotional aspects and in shrewed decision making.

G. N SASTRY - GM Administration

With a vast experience in managerial, public relations and a veteran is associated with the company for co-ordinating various aspects.

SB. SRINIVAS - Financial Manager

Grew with an experience of more than 15 years in the accounts field. Rose from the cader of accountant to financial manager.

R. VENU GOPAL - Marketing Manager

For any commercial organization marketing plays a vital role and Mr. Venu Gopal is an advantage for any company with 30 years of varied experience in the marketing field has brought the company close to customers. With his mettle, commitment and approach to the company’s brought an image to the organization.

SRI. TAPAN SAHOO - Production Manager

With a field experience of 22 years in various levels with commitment to the company has been serving hard to improve the quality of the printing. A balanced person with human touch.